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To create a comprehensive campaign from December 2022 to March 2023 to encourage high school students and sabbatical students to apply to study in Aarhus and participate in u-days 2023.


A print and digital campaign that meets the target audience exactly where they are in life. That is, in the period that most resembles a confused, uncertain and limbo-like state, where it's time to choose the next step; time to choose both study and city.

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u-days approached us for a predominantly digital campaign that would also have some print elements. The campaign would run from the start of December 2022 to the end of February 2023. 


The campaign had two objectives: to get more sabbatical and high school students to participate in u-days 2023 and to get more people to apply to study in Aarhus. 


The media agency Carat was responsible for the actual rollout of the campaign, which was to be rolled out on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Display Ads and at bus stops throughout Denmark. The challenge was to create a unified narrative across media placements that was optimized for both conversions.


After a target group analysis, it was clear that the target group chooses the city as much as they choose their studies, and therefore we wanted to use the city of Aarhus as an active selling point in the campaign. Next, we wanted to meet the target group exactly where they are: in the election. The choice where, based on the target group survey, they not only choose a study program, but also choose a city. 


The solution was to play with the structure of the word "study city". We broke up the word with a "+" to visualize and acknowledge that as a new student, you don't just choose the study programme, but also the city. The structure around a "+" was chosen over an "and" because it has positive connotations that we wanted to associate with u-days and the choice that the target group faces. 


The choice of studie+by therefore became the overarching and consistent narrative for the entire campaign. From there, we settled on two main components of the campaign: awareness and identification.

With a short lifespan, it was necessary to drive awareness and get a high frequency on the u-days themselves in terms of brand colors, logo and dates. At the same time, we wanted the target audience to be met with honest stories that were identifiable and highlighted the duality of choosing both a study and a city. The solution was therefore a campaign based on students' stories from when they were faced with this particular choice.

The result

We ended up handing over a campaign consisting of content in different formats and for different platforms - both online and offline. If you're curious about studie+by, check out the full campaign ID here.

The actual results from the campaign will be shared as soon as the campaign is over. 

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