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Visual identity


To build a consistent brand for a new reformer studio in Aarhus. To create a positioning and a brand built around an extraordinary training community. A brand that the target audience will associate with - even before they've been there.


A consistent and exclusive brand identity that exudes creativity and is designed to inspire and satisfy a mature audience that knows what they want. A digital strategy that leverages the more exclusive price point and makes members feel special.

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Brand strategy
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Marlene Havgaard (founder of LAVA Studio) is one of Denmark's leaders in reformer training. At the same time, she is also aware that branding is not her forte. That's why she came to us in January 2023 and said: "I'm opening my own reformer studio, and you're going to do the branding".  

At the time, there was no name, location or any kind of strategy, which meant we were given full responsibility for building the brand. Everything from naming and positioning to visual identity and digital strategy. 

The goal was to build a brand and narrative that could attract members even before the studio opened, and it is this ambitious idea that has been the foundation of our work.


With a price of DKK 900 per month. we were aware that this places massive demands on the brand. We wanted a name that screamed 'premium'. A name that didn't necessarily tell the whole story 1:1, but a name that had a strong narrative and meaning behind it. 

With LAVA, we have created a story about the inner eruption. When a volcano erupts, it is a compression of the internal energy that explodes and then the lava gently moves around, distributing the energy to the rest of the volcano and everything it is near. In the same way, with LAVA Studio we want to create a space where it is possible to extract all the internal energy and leave with an external energy that can be taken away.

The basic narrative has been carried forward in the visual identity, which uses a creative and energetic color palette, and where the metaphor of lava's distribution of energy and bodily movement has formed the basis for the secondary logo and visual assets. 

The digital strategy has been based on a philosophy that it should lean on the brand's exclusive community feeling, which is why it was important that the strategy should make use of the principles of gated access and at the same time allow us to visually inspire and attract the target audience. We have therefore run a presale strategy based on a funnel structure that with lead ads through Meta has given access to a mailing list, which has given access to the presale.

The result

With LAVA Studio, we now have a complete brand - with a common thread across price, target audience, core narrative, visual identity, digital strategy and social media. If you want to see it all in more concrete terms, you can find LAVA Studio's brand guidelines here.

From a more member-oriented perspective, the presale strategy secured more than 150 full-time members even before opening day. Almost most impressively, we were able to directly attribute members to the lead ad for less than $300 per member.

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