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More Shouts - More Cities. Introducing task-sharing and all the benefits of delegating tasks for busy people and those without the necessary skills.


A campaign that, through hyper-stylized examples, captures attention and illustrates the need for task-sharing. At the same time, the campaign shows concrete examples of what help can be found through Shouter's app.

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TV campaign
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How can a startup establish itself through a campaign? How can the campaign both explain 'why we are here' and build credibility - without becoming boring to watch?  

These are some of the questions Shouter faced at the start of 2023. The challenge was to find an angle and aesthetic that was young, fresh and eye-catching, while still being able to speak to the core purpose of Shouter as a marketplace. Namely, that we need to get better at getting help with the things we're not good at ourselves in order to free up more time for the things we actually like to do.


Together with design agency BWD Studio, we delved into Shouter's purpose and defined the two main target groups. "Ten thumb urbanists", who are people in the city who lack craft skills, and "suburban parents", who are people with little or no time to accomplish their practical to-do list.  


Part of the purpose of the campaign was to drive more actual shouts, so it was all about looking into where the potential was greatest. If we were to address the lack of time of suburban parents, it would require a major behavioral change because the target audience would first have to be educated that it is possible to buy time by paying others to do things for you. This is not the general perception of the use of task sharing, and it was therefore estimated that this position would be more expensive and time-consuming to take. It therefore made sense to focus on the lack of skills and the fact that spending time on practical tasks can also be a real pain in the ass. We felt that this position would be the most relatable in the short term, and therefore a bigger driver to create more shouts as quickly as possible. 

The campaign is therefore based on situations where things have "gone wrong", and where the look in the eyes of the characters tells you that they are, at this very moment, quite tired of their lives. They should have used Shouter instead. Then the unfortunate people could have gotten help getting to the bottom of their to-do lists and instead done something they love to do.

The result

The campaign went live in October on TV2, Meta and YouTube in both Denmark and Amsterdam. The concrete results will be shared once the campaign has finished going live.

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