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To build brand and strengthen Flatpay's awareness on TV in Denmark, Finland and Germany while using new legislation to drive sales in the same campaign effort.


A TV campaign consisting of two alternating creatives with different purposes, a tactical TV spot and a more brand-oriented TV spot. Through a strong aesthetic and simple storytelling, the brand and the product itself unfold transnationally.

TV campaign
TV campaign
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Flatpay wanted to generate awareness and sales of their digital payment solution in Denmark, Finland and Germany. The challenge was to create TV commercials that could work across countries - both in terms of brand building and as tactical marketing to drive sales. The creatives had to build on Flatpay's brand identity without compromising the message of a simple, cheap and unified payment solution.


The TV campaign is built around two outputs, each with its own purpose. Starting with a tactical TV commercial that simply communicates how Flatpay is a simple solution to a new legislation. We've kept the expression universal - without making it bland - by using bold colors, graphics and by creating different checkout environments. Through a creative studio setup, we illustrated that Flatpay fits in whether you own a restaurant, a coffee shop, a beauty salon or anything else. The checkout environments are deliberately made as artificial studio setups, instead of organic environments, to keep the expression universal and keep the interpretation open. This communicates that it is a payment solution for all merchants - regardless of the specific store and country location. 


The tactical TV commercial is followed by a brand film with strong storytelling based on core values that are shared with the target audience. As a merchant, you have enough on your plate. That's why the payment system just has to work. Every day. In the brand film, we follow a chef and his daily grind. All his challenges and his small and large victories throughout the day. With Flatpay, business owners have one less thing to worry about, whether they run a restaurant, do tattoos or own a bakery. Challenges, victories and payment systems are a universal part of life as a business owner. In this way, the brand film has the same general communication as the tactical ad - but on a more high-level level, which better positions Flatpay as a brand and speaks to the emotional register of the recipient.

In Denmark, we have also produced a testimonial for SoMe, which helps to follow up on the TV campaign in a more down-to-earth and validating way. In the SoMe video, influencer Cathrine Brandt and her experience with Flatpay is used to strengthen Flatpay's product.

The result

The results will be published once the TV campaign is completed.

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